Recent Projects

Thrilled Reviews App

Custom Software Development

Thrilled Reviews is a Reputation Management software tool that helps businesses automatically collect Google & Yelp reviews from their happiest customers. It was initially built on behalf of Rich Jordan of Garon T & Strongpoint Capital, then opened up to other customers.


SEO & Blog Services

I worked with Moses Kagan of Adaptive Realty to rework the personal blog that he used to kickstart his journey to 100s of millions of dollars in assets under management.

SEO changes and a UX facelift went a long way here and achieved Moses’ goals for the site.

SEO Strategy
Kagans Blog

Pay Per Click Marketing

I’m working with Antonia Botero’s MaddProject, using Google display ads & search ads to promote their expert services as owner’s reps for people who need construction jobs done.

Still early innings as I write this, but we’re on track for a phenomenal ROAS.

Client COmmunication
Google Ads